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Providing building blocks for holistic growth

All of our programs here at BBKA focus on a holistic approach to learning, meaning that we teach the whole child: heart, mind, body and soul. We believe that children learn first and foremost through play, and we offer unlimited opportunities for them to explore and navigate their environment around them. We also help them foster relationships with their peers, teachers and those around them through various social interactions, cuddles and hugs. BBKA is a faith-based center, so all of our children are taught Christian principles through praise and worship songs, bible verses, and bible stories. Not only do we strive to build trusting, nurturing relationships with every child in our care but we also work to build relationships with their parents and families, by sharing with them their child’s growths, milestones and development, as well as ways to extend their learning at home. BBKA encourages all of our parents to be an active part of their child’s educational experience. We believe that all of these approaches to learning help to foster an excitement, curiosity, love, thirst and passion in all children for knowledge and learning that will stay with them for a lifetime…


  • Extensive background checks are required to be employed with BBKA
  • ALL teachers are CDA certified
  • ALL staff are certified in CPR/First Aid Pediatric
  • CDA Guidance for interested persons
  • Continuous Professional Development/Training for all staff throughout the year
  • Small Teacher/Child Ratio


  • Food Program

Tuition Assistance

  • CCAP: Child Care Assistance Program
  • PDG: Offered to Qualifying Families


  • Abeka
  • Frog Street

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